Политики и препоръки за настаняване в хотела

Rules and regulations regarding the check-in/check-out policies and common rules for staying in our hotel:

1.    Check-in is done only upon provision of personal ID document.

2.    Check-in time is after 02:00 PM Check-out time is no later than 12:00 PM on departure day. Should you need to use the room after the check-out time, please contact Reception one day in advance. For late check-out service, an extra charge is applicable, based on the hotel rates and room availability.

3.    The full amount should be paid before arrival according the specific terms of the offer. The payment may be done via debit or credit cards or in cash. Payments are accepted in Bulgarian currency (BGN) only.

4.    At check-in, the hotel reserves the right to request from each customer a deposit based on the booked service. The deposit is required to serve as a guarantee for additional consumption such as mini bar, hotel services or as compensation of missing or damaged hotel property discovered upon/after guest check-out. The deposit may be settled in cash or by blocking/charging the respective amount on your credit/debit card. The deposit shall be refunded or unblocked after check-out, provided that the hotel has no legitimate grounds to withhold a portion or full amount, in order to recover unpaid expenses or property loss/damage. If the deposit does not cover the unpaid expenses or the property loss/damage your credit/debit card will be charged additionally or you can choose to pay the difference promptly in cash or by bank transfer. Delaying payment for the used services and/or damages (missing or damaged property of the hotel) is considered a violation of the internal rules and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

5.    At check-out, guests should return their keycards and parking controllers to Reception and settle any unpaid bills.

6.    Should a customer cancel his/her booking, the paid deposit shall be partly refundable or non-refundable, depending on the conditions of the reservation.

7.    It is forbidden for unregistered persons to stay or spend the night in a hotel room. Hotel guests may meet their guests in the lobby or in the hotel’s Lobby bar.

8.    At check-in, a keycard will be given to each guest for individual room access. An additional keycard can be given at extra charge of 5.00BGN. We kindly ask you to return it/them to Reception on departure day.

9.    When entering the room please insert your keycard into the device mounted on the wall, next to the room entry door. This shall activate the lightning, appliances and air conditioner. Please when exiting the room take the keycard with you and check if your room door is locked.

10.    The hotel doors lock at 00:00PM for visitors and open the next day at 06:00AM. All guests have unlimited access via keycards.

11.    Children under 2 years of age can be accommodated in every hotel room free of charge. The hotel provides cribs for the purpose.

12.    Children aged 2 years up to 7 years can be accommodated free of charge in the following rooms – “Studio”, “Apartment”, “Deluxe Apartment”, “Presidents Apartment” on a sofa bed.

13.    Children aged 7 years up to 12 years can be accommodated at an extra free of 20.00BGN in the following rooms - Studio”, “Apartment”, “Deluxe Apartment”, “Presidents Apartment” on a sofa bed.

14.    Guests aged 12 years and above are charged by the standard hotel room rates.

15.    The hotel doesn’t have the needed accommodations for guests with disabilities.

Rules and regulations regarding hotel services and common rules for staying in our hotel

1.    Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the hotel premises.

2.    The hotel guests are not allowed to bring in and make use of any electrical heating, gas or any other appliances, during their stay.

3.    Proper clothing must be worn in all public areas of the hotel. The security may restrict access of any person dressed inappropriately.

4.    It is forbidden to take in and/or store flammable, explosive and excessively large items on the hotel premises.

5.    Bringing in food from outside and eating in the hotel room or common areas is not allowed, unless you have prior written consent from the hotel.

6.    It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the hotel area/hotel rooms and common areas. Only smoking areas marked as such may be used for smoking purposes.

7.    For our guests’ comfort, making noise is strictly forbidden during the night hours (11:00PM – 07:00AM) and afternoon hours (from 02:00PM – 04:00PM) as well as any behavior which is in violation of the public order, as provided under Bulgarian legislation.

8.    For safety reasons, it is not permitted to leave children below 12 years of age.

9.    The hotel has luggage storage. For post checkout guests the fee is 3.00BGN from 14:00PM until 23:59PM. For groups larger than 4 people arriving before the check-in time (14:00PM) there is a fee of 3.00BGN/per person. For every hour above the mentioned hours the fee is 2.00BGN/per hour.

10.    Copy/fax services are provided at Reception. A fee is charged depending on the type of service.

11.    The hotel provides a safety box deposit service at Reception. Please use the service to store your valuables. The hotel shall not be liable for any loss of personal belongings.

12.    The hotel provides 24/7 free WiFi service in the rooms and common areas.

13.    Most rooms are equipped with cable internet which you can use at extra charge 2.00BGN per hour. Contact Reception for more information.

14.    The car parking is not included in the room rates. You can book a spot upon arrival or by phone (if available) the fee is 10.00BGN/per day. The parking has surveillance and controlled access. When booked you are provided with a remote control to access it. If it is damaged or lost there is a fee of 50.00BGN/per unit. Please at checkout leave the controller at Reception.

15.    The hotel power supply is 220/240 Volts.

16.    Please be advised that the hotel shall not be held responsible for any lost or missing property. For lost and missing personal belongings, please contact Reception.

17.    The mini bar service is not included in the room rate. You can see the price for every unit in the menu provided.

18.    Housekeeping occurs every day from 9:00AM until 14:00PM. If you have additional requests please contact Reception.

19.    The hotel offers a self-served breakfast from a menu at extra charge.

20.    The hotels’ Lobby bar working hours start from 7:00AM until 23:00PM. You can pay for your consumption to the bartender or it can be charged to your room via the keycard.

21.    For all of our additional services in the hotel rooms (free or at extra charge) please contact Reception.

22.    If you have any other questions or need of an additional service please contact Reception.

23.    In case of damage of hotel property by the guests an extra charge will be added to your account. 

You can see the prices of different types of property in the room folder.

24.    Taking hotel property is strictly forbidden.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Reception: +359 883 50 50 90 or at reservations@hotelantique.bg