Choose a room best suited for you

Double "Standard" room

Our goal is to offer our guests a new standard for the so-called standard rooms. We believe every guest deserves comfort and amenities in every room. Our furniture is made of solid wood for that luxurious feel. The spacious bathroom is not just an addition to the room. It’s part of our goal making, our service what you dear guests we hope will enjoy.

Starting from 90BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ

Double "Deluxe" room

When talking about “Deluxe” we wanted to offer amenities that fit the name. So we made it in separate areas – a dressing table for the ladies and a TV zone for the gents. Adding to the name we made our furniture out of solid wood, and the bathroom spacious, having your comfort in mind.

Starting from 100BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ

Double "Premium" Room

What more could we do to offer you that premium feeling during your stay? We decided on creating a large-sized room so your mornings can be spacious. We added furniture made out of solid wood so we can keep with the standard that you deserve. The bathroom ads to the feeling that this is more than a hotel room – it’s a “Premium”.

Starting from 120BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ


Our studio may be what you need when staying with us. Every area is separate so you can rest on our soft furniture after a long workday. Or enjoy a bottle of wine with your significant other. The beds are in a cozy section of the room. The furniture is again made of solid wood, making your stay even more comfortable.

Starting from 140BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ


An apartment is a place that should offer every necessary amenity to the guests. Having that in mind, we took special care when creating it. We provided for you a relax area with soft furniture, a separate kitchen box for your convenience. The bedroom is transitional to the main room for a comfortable rest. Our stylish furniture is designed from solid wood for that luxuries feel we wanted to provide for you.

Starting from 180BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ

"Deluxe" Apartment

The comfort in an apartment depends on the conditions it can offer. So we decided that our “Deluxe” option should have two separate rooms for your convenience. A stylish living room with soft furniture and a kitchen box with a dining table. A small terrace gives you a quick peek of the city. The separate bedroom makes for a quiet and cozy night rest. Making our furniture out of solid wood is our finishing touch of the “Deluxe” apartment.

Starting from 200BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ

"VIP" Apartment

You can find our special offer on the top floor of our hotel. A luxuriously furnished apartment offers you beautiful shed ceilings with Velux windows making for a romantic night sky view. A stylish living room set and a separate kitchen box for your convenience. The solid wood furniture creates a cozy feel to our specially designed room for our guests.

Starting from 240BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ

"President" Apartment

You can find our crown jewel on the top floor of our hotel. Created with style, and elegance bringing to our guests a top-level service. The apartment consists of two separate bedrooms furnished with high-quality furniture made of solid wood. The main hall offers a luxurious living room set and a separate kitchen box for your comfortable stay. The shed ceilings and Velux windows create a cozy atmosphere throughout the room. Treat yourself with our president's offer.

Starting from 390BGN / per day ДЕТАЙЛИ